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Monastic Choir
of the Valaam Monastery
Precentor Hierodeacon German (Ryabtsev)
Hierodeacon German (Ryabtsev)
Hierodeacon German (Ryabtsev)
The Twelve Great Feasts
The Choir Of The Don Cossacks conducted by SERGE ZHAROV
Monastic Choir
of the Valaam Monastery
Precentor Hierodeacon David
Choir of the Moscow Theological Academy and the Laura
of the Holy Trinity
Choir of the Representation Church
of the Laura of the Holy Trinity
and St.Sergius in Moscow
Precentor Vladimir Gorbik
Hymns of the Twelve and other Great Feasts of the Russian Orthodox Church
The Choir of the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God in the village of Tarychevo
Precentor Lyudmila Arshavskaya
The combined Choir of the Laura of the Caves in Kiev and the Kiev Theological Academy and Seminary conducted by Hierodeacon Kirill (Borisevich)
The Metropolitan Choir of the Holy Assumption Laura of the Caves
in Kiev conducted by M.S.Litvinenko
The Choir of St.Jonahs Monastery
of the Holy Trinity
Precentor Dmitry Bolgarsky
The Choir of the Laura of the Caves in Kiev conducted by Dmitry Bolgarsky
Divine Services celebrated by His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow
Hymns of the Byzantine tradition
The St.John of Damascus childrens and youth choir at the Cathedral of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God in St.Petersburg
Precentor Irina Boldysheva
The Moscow Churches" Choir of Singers
Precentor Anatoly Kuleshov
THE SVETILEN Ensemble of Folk and Religious Music
The choir of the church of. st. Nicholas in Tallinn. Conducted by Igor Vrona
The choir of the Sanaksar monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God




The monastic choir of the Valaam Stavropegic monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour
Precentor Hierodeacon German (Ryabtsev)

1 CD (colour booklet 8 pages)
 1999 The Igor Matvienko Production Centre

«Thy Resurrection, O Christ, the angels sing in the heavens» Paschal Matins begin with this stanza, which opens the CD containing the Paschal hymns. These hymns are imbued with joy over Risen Christ and the triumph of life over death. The Passover (from the Jewish word meaning «transition») from death to immortality, from corruption to eternal life is the main theme of Paschal canon and other hymns of this greatest Christian feast. Its particular importance and solemnity are accentuated by the repetition of the famous Paschal troparion «Christ is risen from the dead!»

1.	 Stanza for the Procession with the Cross
	 Paschal canon *
2.	 First Ode * / 2.28Mb
3.	 Third Ode *
4.	 Hypakoe ** / 1.81Mb
5.	 Fourth Ode *
6.	 Fifth Ode *
7.	 Sixth Ode *
8.	 Kontakion **
9.	 Ikos *
10.	 Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ **
11.	 Christ is risen from the tomb *
12.	 Seventh Ode *
13.	 Eighth Ode *
14.	 Ninth Ode *
15.	 Exapostilarion **
16.	 Paschal stanzas ***
17.	 Troparion to St.John Chrysostom ***
18.	 Paschal antiphon
a)	 First antiphon ***
b)	 Second antiphon ***
	 The Only-Begotten Son ***
c)	 Third antiphon with Paschal troparia */****
19.	 Receive the Body of Christ ****
20.	 Paschal bell-ringing

*	 Greek hant
**	 Znamenny hant
***	 Valaam hant
****	 Georgian hant

1 CD (colour booklet 8 pages)
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easter orthodox

CD containing the Paschal hymns f The Orthodox